At Modco,
we build modular.

At Modco, we build what we sell.

With 35,000 square feet of factory space and a full production team, we proudly build what we sell. When you work with Modco, you are working directly with the team building your product.

We are constantly innovating our modular building processes to bring advantages in cost and efficiency gains, while working to reduce waste and emissions versus a traditional build.

Many online modular firms are in fact only salespeople – they have no manufacturing capabilities, and instead outsource the build of your project, costing you money and a loss of control over your project.

Trust Modco Pacific for your next build – from design to construction to installation – and take advantage of modern modular construction innovations, CSA certification, and building processes that minimize waste and reduce emissions.

custom remote homes

Whether you are looking for a small backyard shed, or a large multi-module home – Modco is here to help you every step of the way. 

We are a full service modular builder, and can handle your project from beginning to end. While your building is being constructed in our factory, our team will take care of permitting, foundation work, delivery, installation, and service connections – getting you into your new home faster.

All of our pre-manufactured builds are CSA certified.

factory made homes