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Modco Pacific is your premium choice for modular commercial buildings. Built using modern, innovative modular construction processes. Whether you are looking for a temporary facility or a permanent construction project, you have come to the right place. We provide modern, affordable commercial building solutions to help you stay flexible in today’s market. From the initial design to the finished structure, we manage the entire modular building process for all kinds of commercial applications.   

At Modco, quality, speed, and affordability are what sets our modular commercial buildings apart. Here, you will find innovative modular designs and aesthetics for every industry, including education, healthcare, administration, hospitality, and retail. 


modular commercial building


With its efficiency, affordability, and ease of construction, it is no wonder that modular construction is becoming increasingly popular with commercial contractors. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing modular construction for your next commercial building project.  

modular office


Does your project require a fast timeline? One of the top benefits of going with a modular build is its ability to deliver a streamlined construction process. Modular commercial buildings can be completed 20-50% quicker than traditional construction projects.  


The beauty of modular buildings is that they are constructed off-site. Building remotely allows businesses to remain up and running with minimal disturbance to your organization. When stopping operations and productivity is simply not an option, a commercial modular building is the non-disruptive solution you have been searching for. 

modular commercial buildings


Sustainability and green building practices are key to modular construction. When it comes to an eco-friendly form of construction, modular commercial buildings are far better for the environment. They can be disassembled and relocated to other locations, lowering the demand for raw materials. Because construction is done in our factory, production results in less traffic and lower levels of carbon emissions from vehicles and equipment.  

Are you looking for an innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solution to construction? Our modular commercial buildings are the perfect fit for any business. 


Whatever you dream up, our talented team can make it happen. We work closely with you to realize your vision and customize it to meet your space and budget requirements. Our modular buildings will also be seamlessly integrated into your existing structure. Whether you are looking for tailored swing space or permanent construction, go beyond conventional modular commercial building construction with Modco Pacific


Modular construction is extremely cost effective. Shorter build times mean lower structural and labour costs, giving you a faster return on investment. With our modular commercial building process, you will never have to worry about cost overruns.   

Our services

Modco Pacific specializes in the turnkey construction of functional modular commercial buildings custom-designed to our customers’ requirements. Whether you need a one-person kiosk or a large multi-module structure, consider Modco Pacific to meet your space requirements.

Modular Commercial Buildings

Commercial Offices

Flexible and affordable construction options for retail, commercial offices, doctors’ offices, clinics, dental offices, medical complexes, and laboratories.

mobile site offices

Portable office trailers provide a convenient, cost-efficient solution whenever and wherever you need temporary space.

multi-family housing

Flexible, affordable, and rapid modular construction for multi-family housing projects.

workforce housing

Whether you need accommodations for a large or small workforce, we offer a variety of solutions to comfortably house both field workers and executive staff.

schools & daycares

Modular classrooms and dormitories have grown in popularity because they are quick to build, exceptionally flexible, and amazingly cost-effective.

Custom Builds

We understand that each client has a unique set of requirements and needs. We work to meet those needs by designing functional buildings, from floorplan to exterior finishes. Please contact us for more information.