The Modco Advantage

Why choose our modular homes?

Modco Pacific is an industry leader in modular home construction.  As a full-service modular home builder in BC, count on our talented team to handle all stages of your project, from start to finish. Whether you are looking for a cozy little cabin or a multi-module house, our designers will work closely with you to turn your modular home dream into reality. 

Faster Build Times

Our modular homes are built by a team of experienced professionals, using modular building processes that we are constantly innovating and improving on. Modular manufacturing allows for indoor construction to take place at the same time as the site preparation and foundation process.  

Cost Effective

Compared to the cost of building a home on-site, a modular home can be significantly less expensive.  Since the modules are built in a controlled environment, efficiencies are maximized and there are no delays due to weather.

Energy Efficient

Every modular home we construct uses modern and advanced construction technology, ensuring your home is highly energy efficient, and giving you a bigger return on investment. 

Attractive Design

A combination of innovative design and the finest quality sustainable building materials make our results of building a modular home extraordinarily appealing. 

Durable Materials

Our modular homes are manufactured with the most durable materials, ensuring they will last for an incredibly long time.


Modular construction is safer than traditional construction methods. The factory setting allows for better control over safety protocols, and the construction process is far less prone to accidents and injuries than on-site construction

our Modular Home Features

CSA Certified

Your modular home will be certified to CSA-A277 standards, giving you comfort that the design, quality and craftsmanship are of the highest standards.

Factory Built

Factory construction is climate controlled, and faster than conventional site built construction - saving you time and reducing site disruption.

Built Green

Factory construction is significantly more environmentally friendly. Our process generates less waste, and is more energy efficient.

Exceeding Requirements

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial standard that sets out incremental performance requirements for new building construction. Many builders struggle to meet the new requirements of Step 3 introduced May 1, 2023. Modco's expertise in modular construction allows us to exceed even the more stringent requirements of Step 4.

Full Service

Unlike many modular home builders, the team at Modco offers full project management services. We can take care of all of your permitting, siteworks including foundation, as well as delivery, install and service connections.

Built to Last

Modco guarantees an improved strength of structure over a conventional home, with our use of advanced building materials and practices. Yet, once completed it will look and feel no different than any well constructed site built home.

Why choose Modco?

  • We are dedicated to quality, service and customer satisfaction.  our team of experienced builders ensures quality workmanship and unparalleled results.
  • We handle the entire modular home building process, from taking care of permitting and the foundation work to providing the delivery, installation, and service connections.
  • We never compromise on quality and craftsmanship. Our skilled crew only uses the best materials and building methods in the industry when working on our fabricated homes.  
  • We work with you from beginning to end to ensure your complete satisfaction, throughout the modular home build process and beyond. 

discovery channel

Building off the Grid

modular homes building off the grid

Discovery Channel

In 2019 Modco Pacific Homes was featured as the builder & installer for a five module off-grid cabin on Gambier Island.

Building off the Grid

The Discovery Channel documented the project on their series "Building off the Grid".

West Coast Island Getaway

“Building pro Mark Smith builds an off-grid modular home high up on a cliff off the coast of Vancouver, Canada. Everyone’s on their toes, working as carefully as possible; the smallest mistake could result in the home diving 85 feet down into the sea.”

Pacific Coast Perch