Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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For many people, the thought of home often conjures up images of the kitchen, suffused with warm light and the scent of home-cooked meals. For this reason, the kitchen is frequently referred to as the heart of the home, and kitchen upgrades are among the most popular home renovations.

Each person has their vision of a dream kitchen remodel, perhaps focusing on extra pantry space or the latest kitchen appliances. Some want an island counter and others want exquisite custom cabinetry. Most of all, they seek a kitchen that is representative of their tastes, personality, and definition of home.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen remodels offer many options, depending on the budget. Those looking for a quick and easy change with minimal expense can create a significant impact with something as simple as a new coat of paint or a change of flooring, while those with more to spend can completely remake their kitchen to match their vision. The choices are limited only by your imagination.

Here are some ideas to renovate your kitchen:

Galley Kitchens

This type of kitchen is also called a walk-through kitchen and is suitable for smaller homes. The design involves a single walkway through the kitchen with cabinets and appliances on both sides. This provides plenty of storage and can help keep things clean and efficiently arranged.

  • L-Shaped Kitchens

This option is suitable for homes of all sizes. It features cabinets and appliances along 2 walls in the shape of a letter L. This provides an open, airy space that makes it possible to entertain while still tending to business in the kitchen.

  • Open Kitchens

In some homes, the kitchen is closed off from the adjoining dining room. In some cases, it might be possible to open the kitchen by removing a wall, giving the appearance of a much larger space, similar to the L-shaped kitchen.

Kitchen Additions and Alterations

Your kitchen remodel may focus on aesthetics, changing an old, drab appearance to something more modern, or you can focus on adding greater functionality and making things more efficient. Likely, you will do a bit of both.

Some ideas to consider include:

  • Updated Cabinets

Whether you are merely changing the look of your cabinets, relocating them to be more convenient, or adding to them to give you more space, updating your cabinets is a popular choice.

  • New Countertops

Changing your countertops can significantly change the appearance of your kitchen while also improving durability and even adding more space.

  • Adding a Decorative Backsplash

A low-cost investment that provides great visual impact. An eye-catching backsplash can make a strong visual impression.

  • Energy Efficient Appliances

Changing your appliances to ones that are more energy-efficient can save you money while helping to update your kitchen and make it more functional.

  • Double Bowl Sink

Double bowl sinks were popular before the advent of the dishwasher, allowing for one bowl to be used for washing dishes and the other for rinsing. Today, it is still useful when washing large items and can be used to organize things such as when you use one for dirty dishes and the other for preparing food.

  • Wall Mounted Faucets

Aside from being visually intriguing, wall-mounted faucets can offer you a little extra space around your sink. Most importantly, wall mounted-faucets are actually cleaner than deck-mounted faucets that can develop hard water build-up when water collects at the base of the fixtures.

These are just a very few of the elements you can incorporate into your kitchen renovation.